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Macfarlane Partnership offers a wide range of services to the construction industry.

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Claims preparation and defence

  • Determination of entitlement
  • Claims evaluation
  • Claims preparation
  • Forensic cost analyses for prolongation, disruption, thickening, acceleration, variations, breaches of contract and overheads
  • Investigation of records and notices
  • Cause and effect schedules
  • Representation, negotiation and settlement
  • Preparation of formal documentation

Support for arbitration, litigation, mediation, adjudication

  • Advice to clients and legal representatives
  • Assistance with discovery of documents
  • Expert reports / quantum documentation
  • Expert evaluation / quantum evaluation
  • Expert meetings / representations
  • Expert witness testimony

Contract and commercial management

  • Contract administration and advice
  • Commercial administration and advice
  • Cost reporting
  • Final accounts
  • Valuation of variations
  • Pre and post contract measurement
  • Interim valuations


  • Auditing of records of actual cost


  • Reporting on quantum / costs

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